Mobile Website Design

Effectively reach bigger audience then ever before

  • Mobile App Geodventure

    We work on the iOS mobile app Geodventure that will entertain anyone who enjoys traveling and getting to know new places.

  • Mobile App RegionSpis

    We work on the iOS mobile app RegionSpis, where you can find great deals and attractions from the lovely region of Spiš.

  • New web for Helios

    We are preparing a new modern website for the company Helios Lighting, who are professionals in the lighting of the premises.

What steps will we take to create your mobile website?

When building a mobile website, we focus not only on good looks and falwles function of it, but also on good behaviour on mobile devices. With the incredible Mobile Web boom we're experiencing these days, comfortable browsing and handy control of your site on mobile devices opens your business's door to a wider customer base then ever before.

  • 1

    We propose a solution

    We talk to you about your project, we ask about your vision and your goals. After that, we 'tailor' a solution that is, by our opinion, best for you and we present it to you.

  • 2

    We design the graphic

    We design the graphic of a website in such way, that all the structure adjusts to the aspect ratio of a device's screen. As with normal website, we stick with the rules for good accesibility and conversion.

  • 3

    We do the programming

    We make the code based on the latest HTML5 & CSS3 standards and merge it with the graphic. We implement on-page SEO, abiding the rules for semantics and code validity.

  • 4

    We optimise the website

    Website gets modified to ensure clean viewing and comfortable control on mobile devices. That's what makes your visitors feel good and that's the difference between staying on your website or moving on to your competition.

  • 5

    We test and tune the website

    Freshly-made website needs to be tested with all web browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer) and then corrected, so it shows nice in all of them.

  • 6

    We consign the ready website

    After testing, we hand over the website, ready to use in all web browsers on a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

How much does having a mobile website made cost?

The price for a mobile website is individual, considering the size and complexity of the project.

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